• April 24th, 2018


I need you to answer the 5 question about the 3 movies (350 – 400 words total). Try to find the answers from them “you don’t have to watch the whole thing for each movie”
Movies links: (I provided several links for each movie)
1st movie: Dracula (1931)
https://www2.the123movies.com/dracula-1931/ (Choose the link says “Server 1” under the movie)
2nd movie: Dracula (1992)
3rd movie: Dracula untold
https://www2.the123movies.com/dracula-untold/ ( Choose the link says “Server 1” under the movie)
You can comment /compare / answer each point separately or write an essay touching the 5 points below. Give reasons for all your statements (350 – 400 words total).
1) Which of the 3 Dracula book-to-movie adaptations seemed scarier to you and why?
2) the Victorian Gothic brought with it the collapse between opposites (self – the other; good – evil; domestic – foreign; life – death; science – spirituality, fiancée – bride; familiar – unfamiliar, etc). Choose and discuss two examples of any such duality in any of the movies.
3) Compare any of the main characters (personality, motives, interpretation, transformation, etc) from any the 3 movies (Dracula 1931, Dracula 1992, Dracula Untold).
4) How is love and fear of death treated in these movies?
5) Which of the 3 movies did you like best? Give reasons
com/watch?v=3KRbCTFqTlE), write a 2 and1/2 page response .you will write a 2 ½ page Response that includes a description of an important Action that you witnessed, an assessment of the Theme (and how that action relates to this theme), a hypothesis about the playwright/director’s Intention(s), as well as your brief personal critical response(s) to the Design of the production (Lighting, Sets/Props, Costumes/Makeup, and Sound/Music). When writing about the Design Elements, be sure to describe the way(s) in which you believe the design helps convey the overall message of the production, as design plays an important role in communicating the story to the audience

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