• April 21st, 2016

English 101 Bad news

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write in email format

Include a subject line

Include at least three paragraphs

Follow the indirect outline

UVU asks students to file an application to graduate one term before they actually plan to graduate. The application lists the courses the student has already had and those he or she will take in the last two terms.

Your office reviews the lists to see that the student will meet the requirements for total number of hours, hours in the major, and general education requirements.

Some students have forgotten a requirement or not taken enough courses and cannot graduate unless they take more courses than those they have listed.

Michael Mason has applied for graduation. He is working toward a BS in business management. According to new matriculation standards, all business majors must pass MKGT2200 with a B- or better. Michael received a C.

Write an e-mail to Michael informing him that he is not eligible for graduation until he retakes Business Communication. Offer him alternatives and suggest a time to reapply. Make up any details that are missing.

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