• April 21st, 2016

English 101

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Nalo Hopkinson depicts a bleak image of dystopian urban despair, impoverishment, and violence in Brown Girl in the Ring. In the novel, third generation Caribbean-Canadian Ti-Jeanne struggles to survive this crushing environment as she seeks a sense of identity, strength, and purpose throughout the novel while navigating the precarious borders between magic and realism, the ancestral past and the uncertain future, ethical care and cynical exploitation. Connected to the spiritual figure of the crossroads, Ti-Jeanne emerges as a powerful figure capable of producing dramatic social change through the exertion of her will and moral conviction.


Reflecting on Post-Colonial concern with diasporic identity, respond to the following in a 5 page thesis-driven essay:


When facing systemic oppression, what role does empathy and cross-generational connection play in the development of visionary insight and self-determination?

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