• April 21st, 2016

English 101

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Essay #3 – 1st Draft – Exemplification – Multiple Intelligences
1st Draft of Cause & Effect Essay
Again, you will submit your essay through a SafeAssignassignment below (just like you did your 1st Draft Descriptive Essay.)
This is due NO later than Monday, March 14 in order to get feedback from me by class on 3/16.

Your assignment is to write a five-paragraph exemplification essay based on your outline on multiple intelligences. Your thesis statement should clearly written with the topic and your opinion. Make sure to have 3 three supporting paragraphs with 3 separate examples. You should make sure that each of your main points is a separate and distinct point. Write a strong conclusion.

Support each of your main points with examples and details. Your examples may be experiences from your own life.

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