• April 14th, 2016

English 101

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Use Word and set up the document double spaced, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman 12 pt font

2. Type 2-3 pages

3. Put your name at the top of the first page




One to two paragraphs that: 1. describe the image as completely as possible, so that your readers can visualize the image without having it in front of them, and 2. states your purpose for the essay (e.g. The image I describe here conveys the message that ….(fill this part in according to what you think)…by illustrating through appeals to emotion, credibility, and/or logic (you decide which ones are appropriate).


Three paragraphs or more that: 1. Focus on one appeal for each paragraph. State which appeal is being used to convey the message. Explain HOW that is accomplished (for example, in one paragraph you could explain how appealing to emotion (pathos) is accomplished through the use of vulnerable children who are visibly upset, which evokes an emotional response because children are innocent and everyone (or almost everyone) has sympathy for innocent children. Coupled with the information about the image, it is clear that pathos is used to show the severity and awfulness of the situation of a school shooting).

Each paragraph should focus on one of the appeals using an example from the image, with your explanation of how this is done and why it is (or is not) effective in conveying the message. Remind the readers what the message is for each example. If you only have two appeals that you focus on, use the third paragraph or extra paragraphs to use a second example of the same use of an appeal.


This can be one short paragraph reminding the readers of your purpose, the image itself, what message is being shown through the image and how it is accomplished. This can be easily done by a re-phrasing of your thesis statement (purpose and claim about appeals) from the introduction and also the topic sentences from the body paragraphs.

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