• April 11th, 2016

English 101

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you can just compile those things, Just ordinary is OK.
To earn extra credit points, each student is required to develop a visual collage or pictorial representation that he/she feels represents the full array of roles that comprise him/her – i.e., ALL the roles you actively associate with yourself. Each image used in your collage should be indexed (numbered, lettered, etc.) so you can easily refer to the image as needed. You will also submit an accompanying typed write-up that:
1. Explains EACH of the roles you perceive and recognize within yourself, clearly identifying how your selected image(s) signify that particular role (refer to the particular images as appropriate).
2. In addition to identifying and describing these roles, you will also discuss when each role is at its MOST and LEAST prominent – for example, while I am a wife, mother, friend, professor, colleague, etc., not all of these roles are equally active during the day, week, or even my life.
3. Lastly, identify:
a. Some specific consumption experiences/examples represented by each of your roles individually
b. HOW each of these roles impacts your consumption activities – e.g., my role as an adventurer tends to emerge on the weekends or when I’m on vacation, and I tend to be willing to “make considerable investments” for unforgettable experiences.
c. When these roles cause consumption conflicts – e.g., as an adventurer, I would love to skydive, but my roles as wife, mother, and provider conflict with this (as this example shows, this is not only about financial conflicts!).
d. When these roles lead to similar consumption decisions – e.g., when any combination of your roles leads to similar consumption decisions/no conflict.

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