• March 17th, 2016

English 101

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What do you understand by “ the American Constitution was the scourge of the underclass in its first 150 years”?

Why was Frankfurter considered one of the judges “who increased and strengthened the role of the federal government in American society”?

What was Frankfurter thinking regarding “nation building” in the western part of the United States?

What did Frankfurter think in terms of “the interpretation of statues”?

In your opinion, “should judges be elected”? And why?

“When one wants to understand or at least get the feeling of great painting, one does not go to books on the art of the painting. One goes to the great masters. And so I have gone to great masters to get a sense of their practice of the art of interpretation….”

Lessons from the Masters; Felix Frankfurter

How do you explain the logic in this text (above)?

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