• March 7th, 2016

English 101

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

“Read through the downloaded, renamed document AT LEAST TWICE before commenting as revision, editing, or proofing. Then, to begin commenting within this document, click on “REVIEW” and “TRACK CHANGES” in order to create highlighted recommendations. Click on “NEW COMMENT” to insert comments. Provide your comments or recommendations in detail, and then be sure to SAVE the entire document with your comments. b. What is the author’s main idea or argument? Can you identify a clear thesis? If not, what recommendations can you make regarding purpose, main idea, and thesis for this author?

1.Does the thesis (and the entire essay) provide INFORMATION OF VALUE to a reading audience? What can readers learn from this essay?

2. Are the paragraphs clear, well developed, and well supported? Do they relate to the main idea? Do they have strong topic sentences? What recommendations can you make related to paragraph organization, structure, or content?

3. Does the essay have a strong introduction and a strong conclusion? If not, what recommendations can you make?

4. Does the essay have “flow?” Does the essay contain smooth transitions and progress easily from idea to idea? If not, what recommendations can you provide?
5. Comment on the essay’s grammar and mechanics. Do recurring, glaring errors interfere with the essay’s message?

6. Does the essay have an engaging title? Is it interesting to read? Can you recommend any ways to improve this essay for a reading audience? Does the essay engage in sufficient narration, description, or illustration, in your view? Why or why not?

7. Is the essay double spaced? Are page numbers included?

8. Identify two main strengths you observe within this essay draft.

9. Identify at least two concrete ideas or “action steps” for improving this draft.

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