• March 4th, 2016

English 101

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 Journal #4: Success

Toward the end of chapter four in Fast Food Nation, Schlosser profiles the “Success”

seminar held in Denver, Colorado. The presenters at the seminar sound remarkably

like the pioneers of the fast food industry; they celebrate courage, optimism, and


In the first half of your journal entry, consider the importance you place on

achieving “success.” Are you preoccupied with achieving success? How much does

it matter to you? What does “success” look like to you? Who bred you to value this

success? How has your quest for success—or lack of interest in success—influenced

your behavior? Also, consider the effect that America’s celebration of success has

had on our culture. Is our emphasis on success good for people? How? How might

it hurt both individuals as well as the larger culture? Please consider some of these

questions in the first half of your entry.

In the second half of your journal entry, describe the general message at the

“Success” seminar in Denver. What does success look like, according to most of the

speakers? Please compare their vision of success to the vision presented by

Christopher Reeve. What are the big differences between these competing

visions? Be sure to quote one of the seminar presenters other than Christopher

Reeve at least once. What is the speaker saying? What is your opinion, or

commentary, on the speaker’s idea?

You will need to write at least 600 words to get full credit for this assignment.


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