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– This section may vary in form based on the product you created or the type of study you undertook and the tools you used.
– This section may be broken up into several sub-sections, depending on how you arrived at and implemented your final solution.
– Be sure to discuss how you collected the data and information used to support your project, how you arrived at your solution and how you implemented the final product.
– Engineering analysis of the product: What kinds of engineering principles are applied to the design of the product? What are the safety considerations? What are the reliability considerations?
– Description and instruction for use of the product: material and dimensions of the product; normal procedure of using the product; operation range or limit of the product if applicable.

You must have separate identifiable headings that address the following five topics:
a) To what extent does your final design meet each of your original design requirements and/or specifications?
b) To what extent does your final design meet your desired specifications, considering realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability? You must address at least four of the eight areas.
d) Provide recommendations for further work.

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