• April 15th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Risk Assesment and Response.
Look at wrestling and glucose examples. Our risks will include whether our materials and resins will meet the standards during testing. Whether the procedures during testing are efficiently timed enough to complete both projects and the biggest one if we gain the contract after we show the results to the costumer. Our response for the first would to be to keep adjusting the materials and collaborating with R&D to get it to where we have good products from the molds and good penetration levels for the tapes. The second response would be something like moving up the times for testing or cutting down the time it takes to cure (means to heat up at specific temps you can just pick the temps needed to be pretty hot though) to get it just right to where the resin is not to runny but also so the consistency or viscosity of the material is not as hard as rock. The third would be to seek other contracts. Our contract was with a company called corning. We did receive one.
Budget Rollup
Make sure to include the cost of the molds (15000) the cost of the tapes (1000) and the cost of labor (14 dollars an hour for each of us) The cost of additional expenses such as testing and miscellaneous parts for the molding and specimen projects (1000 for one project 10000 for the other). Also include the cost of resin and materials used (probably the majority of the money.) Make sure the budget adds up to around 6000-70000 dollars. USE WBS and try to allocate money to it like in glucose however kai decides to make it.
Cash Flow Requirments
Look at examples I think this portion is just going to be making a table of some sort to show how the cash is being distributed. This can be however you like just read through what I have written up top and be sure to include as many areas as you can using the WBS while staying in budget.

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