• April 7th, 2016


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As a Petroleum Company workers, you are asked to study the utility of doing an artificial lift through the Main Pass 138 Block in the Gulf of Mexico. Your assignment will be to write about the method of artificial lift , rather it can be realized or not, how economic it will be knowing the circumstance and more importantly how it will impact the production of the well.
Feel free to put any images and explain why you might be choosing this method.

Formation is young Miocene – river delta (compartments)
Porosity approx 30%
Permeability approx 700md
254 MMSTB left in reservoir
Res reaches economic limit in 2020 using OFM w/ economic limit of 30 bbl
1st well hits econ limit in 2018 (use this for injector if necessary?)
Gas uneconomic
Pressure may be less than bubble point since GOR increasing
Approx $5.3 million to drill a well (12 days @ 443K/day)
Approx $35 million to complete (frac-pack)
Platform approx $56k/day (OPEX)
Decommissioning platform approx $2.72 million

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