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You are expected to make calculations based on the specifics of your building or plant. Though you will use the literature to point you to design solutions and to understand how the different ideas and technologies work, you cannot simply quote expected energy savings that were cited in these papers. Rather, you have to understand how they performed their calculations and repeat these calculations using the data of your building. To compute an energy savings analysis, for example, you need to understand how baseline energy is consumed. eQUEST will be an important tool to help evaluate energy savings, so long as you trust your baseline model.

Below is a list of expectations for this important assignment. It will be graded on a 50 pt. basis:

  • Accurate and specific energy analysis of your technology
  • Calculate how both electricity and heat are impacted by your design ideas.

Include water when applicable.

  • Compare baseline energy (i.e. how the building currently consumes energy)

to that of your design recommendation


  • Your design recommendation should be sized and appropriate for the building / plant under investigation
  • Use visuals to convey the above information.
  • Compute reduced GHG emissions for your design ideas.
  • Analyze your design ideas on the project’s remaining design objectives.
  • Do NOT perform a long term economic analysis at this time. This will be part of your upcoming assignment.
  • Include an analysis of quality design criteria. Metrics should be part of this assessment.
  • Ensure your design idea meets project constraints. This includes the 5 year payback period calculation.
  • All calculations used in your analysis should be reported. All assumptions should be stated. An appendix may be required.

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