• March 23rd, 2016


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develop a functional model to specify “Hot Box Pizza”, whose functionality and system boundary have been clearly specified by its A0 function model as presented in class. Your model should specify both the physical and information processes in the organization down to its 2nd level of decomposition (i.e., include function blocks at the Axx level), taking into consideration of: 1. Four types of customers – phone order, on-line order, “buying-slice” order, and dinning-in order 2. The financial processes involved such as: revenue from customers payments, payments to materials, payments to wages and taxes, profits You should provide a textual description of the overall system/organization of concern, as well as for each of the function blocks presented in the model. Length and Structure No more than 15 pages (1.5 spacing and including figures). Please properly “section” your report, so that it follows the format of a typical technical report. Extra Credit Will be given if you correctly take the Human Resource (hiring-training-firing) aspects into consideration.

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