• March 18th, 2016

Employee relations

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Question: Explain the concept of employee relations and its contribution to HRM. Also, identify two countries of your choice and critically compare the employee relations’ practices in these countries.

1. Introduction: Identify nature & scope of topic critically and thoroughly (10%)

2. Literature Review: Demonstrate clear understanding of relevant theories, concepts and issues, and use of the relevant academic literature (30%)
3. Analysis & Discussion: Present strong and critical analysis and discussion well-grounded in literature (35%)
4. Conclusions & Recommendations: Summarise the assignment thoroughly and critically, and provide appropriate recommendations (15%)
5. Presentation: Convey all information clearly and completely with logical order and make use of approved academic referencing style (10 %)

should include:
The concept of employee relation
Employee relation in HR practices
Employee relation in the United Kingdom
Employee relation in the United States of America
Cross analysis of UK employee relations and USA

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