• April 10th, 2016

Effects of teenage alcoholism, or drug addiction, or pregnancy

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Choose one of the topics below and write a cause OR effect essay of 500 words. Your essay must contain an introductory paragraph (at least four (4) sentences) with background information and a clear thesis statement. The body of the essay must contain three (3) paragraphs, each with a topic sentence followed by supporting details. The concluding paragraph (at least three (3) sentences) must summarize the entire essay and bring the paper to a smooth and recognizable close.

IMPORTANT Research Requirements: You must use at least three (3) sources in this paper and document properly, using parenthetical citations. You must use at least two (2) printed sources like a book, magazine article, or newspaper, and you must use one Web/Online or Internet source. The dictionary, the encyclopedia, or the Bible may not be used as a source alone. If you use these sources, they must be in addition to the one printed source that is required. You may use non-printed sources, but this is in addition to the sources that are required. You must include at least one (1) direct quotation from your sources, and you must summarize at least once from your sources. You must paraphrase at least once from your sources. Cite each one of these properly in parentheses. This means that you must have at least three (3) parenthetical citations.

You must include a Works Cited Page; this will be the last page of your paper on a separate sheet. Center the words Works Cited across the top of the page. The entries must be in alphabetical order. Make sure your entries are correct. This includes format, punctuation, etc. Please use The College Writer, your class notes,and any handout(s) given you to get this information correct.

You must outline your essay using the Essay Plan Sheet.

You must get your Essay Plan Sheet approved by me. Please bring it to me when you complete it.

Papers containing more than four (4) major grammatical errors will not receive a passing grade.

Make up a title for your essay.

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