• April 4th, 2016

Effective Teamwork Group Assignment: Digitech Case Study

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Assignment Task:
Using relevant theory, concepts and evidence from the Effective Teamwork module, analyse the Digitech case study by addressing each of the following issues:
• Which strategies would you recommend in order to increase the success of the manufacturing and development teams in the future?
Word count: 600 words
Use these points to do the assignment:
• The manufacturing and the development team need to apply the intragroup and inter-group conflict resolution procedures.
• In the case of the two manufacturing team members visiting the development team, there arises dysfunctional conflict (Lyubovnikova 2016). The misunderstandings only lead to the hindrance of the group performance.
• On the other hand, the development team members visiting the manufacturing team raises functional conflict. The disagreements only contribute to the better performance of the respective departments.
• The teams need to enhance task conflict since they possess positive effects. However, they must shun relationship conflicts as they hinder duty performance.

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