• April 14th, 2016

Education for Sustainability

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Your are going to make an
ecological web. Which should provide a visual representation of your personal sustainability. It should
show your key relationships
with the physical environment (land, water, air, food, energy sources,
material flows, other species, etc.), with the various social contexts that contribute to your personal
sustainability (family, friends, work, education, etc.), and with the main activ
ities you engage in (working,
socialising, learning, playing, travelling, etc.). Possible formats for your web include a poster, a 3D
artwork, or multimedia presentation. Design your web imaginatively, incorporating relevant visuals and
accompanying notes.
Creative media such as poetry and artwork may be included.
ou must create your web in
visual form
so that you can clearly show the relationships and interconnections
between the various elements you choose to include in it. Use
brief annotations
to highl
ight the relationships
and interconnections between the various elements of your web. Your annotations should
assess the
sustainability impacts of the resources and activities included in your web.
Choose one everyday consumable item that you use regularly
and include in your ecological web. You will
undertake a more
detailed analysis
of this item by researching its production/consumption/disposal cycle in
depth. At each point in the cycle you will need to undertake an evaluation of sustainability issues an
d impacts
associated with the item you select.
As an example, you might choose to find out about the coffee you drink every morning. You should investigate
where it is grown, under what circumstances, who profits from it, how it is transported, etc. Or yo
u might
choose to investigate the production and life cycle of an electronic item that you use on a daily basis

e.g. your
phone, iPod, personal organiser, etc. The item should be something that has direct
personal relevance
Typically your research into
your consumable will be web

based. In order to build a
critical understanding
the issues you should try to locate more than one source of information. For example, when researching a
specific product,
do not rely solely on information provided by the m
. You should look also at
analyses of the impacts of your selected product. These are often available in the form of brief reports from
various social and environmental organizations and/or from magazines with an advocacy orientation, e.g.,
Your analysis of
your consumable should be presented in visual form
with more extensive and detailed
annotations than the other items in your web. The main elements in the production/consumption cycle should
be shown very clearly (as el
aborated in week 4 learning materials).


Presentation of web demonstrates creativity and sound design

relevant systems, their
interconnections and their relevance for
your own personal sustainability are effectively depicted and

Focused investigation effectively highlights multiple points in the production and consumption cycle
and evaluates ecological sustainability at each point;

Relevant readings and online
resources are coherently applied to highlight your analysis;

Developing insights into learning about sustainability are well articulated and show consistent,
thoughtful engagement with key concepts and learning activities.

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