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The aim of the assignment is to enable you to think critically about the relationship between classroom planning, teaching and learning. This will involve you drawing on the theoretical perspectives, together with those in Learning in theory and practice section. Through this process you will further develop your personal learning theory and model of teaching.

The assignment involves four stages in which you plan a sequence of lessons; provide a clear and informed rationale for your plan; teach the sequence of lessons; and finally write a critical reflection on the plan, in the light of your teaching.
Section 1: Overview of lesson sequence

Start by selecting a topic which you are planning to teach. Choose a topic and pedagogical approaches that will enable you to apply the theoretical perspectives that you believe should underpin effective teaching and learning. For example, if you would like to use the concept of scaffolding as a means of supporting learning in a structured manner, you will need to choose a topic and teaching approach that has the potential to be enhanced through such scaffolding. Similarly, if you want to demonstrate the importance of theories relating to assessment, you will plan your lesson sequence to include appropriate strategies.

After a brief introduction to your assignment, write an overview of your lesson sequence, including:

context (e.g. phase, age and background of learners)
aims and objectives
subject content
teaching approaches
assessment strategies

Include the individual lesson plans in your appendices. The lesson sequence is between 3 and 5 lesson plans.
This section should be 225 words and can include numbered or bulleted lists.
Section 2: Rationale for your lesson sequence

It is vital that the lesson sequence reflects the theory and principles explored in Learning in theory and practice section. You could also include relevant theoretical perspectives from it. In this section you should explain the theoretical principles underpinning your lesson sequence. Justify how the different aspects of your proposed sequence of lessons reflect good practice in teaching and learning by drawing on materials in the module, for example, in relation to planning, group work, assessment or differentiation. You should make specific reference to the readings in that have influenced your thinking and planning. Use links to your lesson plans in the appendices to support your arguments.

This section should be 725 words.
Now teach your lesson sequence

It is essential that you complete Sections 1 and 2 before teaching your lesson sequence. Only then will both your rationale (Section 2) and critical evaluation (Section 3) be distinctive and authentic.
Section 3: Critical evaluation of lesson sequence

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