• April 28th, 2016

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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. Start with a one-to-two page “rant.”
    That is, write a short paper on your topic without consulting your sources in which you explain what you think about it now that you have studied it.
    Start by answering the journalistic questions who, what, when, where, how (if it applies), and why, and use one of the following questions to help construct your thesis–that is, your informed opinion–about your topic:
    Is is important? Why?
    Is it a big problem? Why?
    Is it something a particular group of people need to know? Why?
    You might also find the one-page guide “Decide How to Appeal to Your Readers” (also in the Assignment Resources folder for this assignment) helpful in generating ideas:
    2. Now combine this draft with your source synthesis essay (Attached) for a first draft of your research-based argument essay.
    You can insert your source synthesis before your rant (aka argument draft).
    Or, you can divide up your source synthesis essay and plug the pieces into your argument draft in key places where what you've already written about your sources will help clarify and support your original claims about your topic.
    Add additional short quotations or a block quotation, summaries of individual sources–whatever will help support what you want to say about your topic or issue.
    Remember to include in-text citations–as you did (hopefully) in your literature review essay–and your References page at the end.
    Give your essay a title that gives readers a clue to your informed opinion on your topic.

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