• April 20th, 2016

Economics – Marketing, Social Media and Demand

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The essay in Economics is an approximately 2,000 word document and forms 50% of your final mark.

The idea of having the essay (as opposed to, for example, an exam) is that it will allow you to engage

in a topic in Economics which interests you, and therefore, hopefully, you learn more about the

principles of economics. Remember the core principle of economics – the economic problem: there

are infinite wants but finite resources. Economics is the study of allocation, and specifically, the

allocation of resources which will generate the most utility (‘happiness’) in the world.


Essay topic:- Use economics principles to discuss the role and operation of marketing. Aspects you may wish

to consider: how marketing tries to influence the demand curve; the impact of social media on the

cost of marketing, and the corresponding shift towards online methods of promotion.

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