• April 23rd, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Answer both questions in sufficient detail., probably 2-3 pages per question

First question: What are the federal rules regarding TANF? What has happened to spending and caseloads since TANF was enacted in 1996? How have states differed in their implementation of TANF?

Second question: What are the federal rules regarding Medicaid? How do states differ in their eligibility requirements. Where are most Medicaid dollars spent? How have states coped with a rising Medicaid caseload and rising medical costs?

1- Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (cbpp.org)

2-on Medicaid at statehealthfacts.org.

3- State and Local Public Finance 4th Edition
by Ronald C. Fisher (Author)

lease use the sources I list and one addition source the writer can use, but the focus should be on the sources I listed

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