• April 23rd, 2016


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For the second step in the Issue Brief Assignment you need to outline the content you will include in your brief.These resources are intended to help you develop your own briefs— but you must follow the assignment guidelines below even though they differ from how the example briefs are structured and the “Common Structural Elements of a Policy Brief” section of The Policy Brief document.

You must include at least four sources for this outline. The basic requirements and guidelines are below:

I Introduction of the context and importance of the problem

II Current policies that address the problem

III Extent of the problem and critique of at least 2 current policies (why they need to be changed) or proposed policies (why they fall short of addressing problem)

IV Policy Recommendations (explain the economic logic behind 1 or 2 policy proposals and justify why they are the preferred way to address the problem)

V Closing paragraph

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