• March 24th, 2016

Economic Profile of Cuba

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

All written assignments are to be presented in Word 2003 (.doc) format, using the 12-point Times Roman font and 1-inch margins. Reports should be single-spaced and double spacing should be used between paragraphs and between first and second level headings and their following paragraphs. The paper must begin with a title page that includes the project title References should follow the APA style (authors and dates cited in parentheses and a full reference on a reference sheet at the end of the paper). Do not use footnotes to cite references. All pages must be numbered

The economic profile of a selected Cuba, including implications of free trade theory and the political economy of international trade, foreign direct investment and regional economic integration issues, the foreign exchange market, and the international monetary system as applied specifically to Cuba. Your grade will be based on 20% for professional writing (grammar, formatting, headings, etc.), 40% for inclusion of important course and textbook concepts, and 40% for illustrative applications (examples) of course concepts specifically to the selected country.
It is important to address exchange rates and how they are determined by your country, inflation, unemployment, purchasing power parity, and so forth. In all topics, show knowledge of textbook concepts and be specific in your application of those concepts.

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