• April 23rd, 2016

Economic inequality in the United States today

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

intro paragraph and clear cut thesis statement. Examine how it is hurting a community or society as a whole from a social, political, cultural and economic perspective. Then propose a solution or series of solutions that would best address the problem also from a social, political, cultural and economic standpoint. conclude Paper by demonstrating how the solution will impact the community or society in the short term versus long term and how this solution may lead to future problems. Provide a special call to action in the conclusion. Essay structure – Intro paragraph should include lead-in ( Question, Quote), Transition (build a bridge to thesis), Thesis Statement, Reasons for thesis (four) and brief explanation.
Body (eight paragraphs) Topic sentence, key reason,specific example, cite expert, rationale, conclusion
Conclusion (one Paragraph) Summary statement, short-term vs. long-term impact, benefit vs. consequences (Total of ten paragraphs)

At least four scholarly works referenced in APA style of citation

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