• April 23rd, 2016

Economic Evaluation in Health Care

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This course work is in two sections:

Section A:

Produce a maximum 1,250 word report detailing a critical health economics appraisal of the Nguyen and Bernstein paper (i will be uploaded) using an appropriate critical appraisal tool/framework.


This should include:

  • A succinct critical appraisal of the paper including strengths and limitations.


  • The gaps in this analysis which could be addressed by adapting or undertaking a new health economic analysis using a decision analytical model.



Section B:

Produce a maximum 1,250 word modelling plan for your proposed health economic analysis to fill the gaps in the analysis and address the decision problem.

Provide a fully labelled outline of your proposed model structure

Consider the following, along with other relevant features, in your modelling plan

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