• April 18th, 2016

Econ Homework assignment

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To do this section of the assignment, you may consider purchasing a copy of the
Wall Street Journal OR the Financial Times. In the event the issue you purchased doesn’t have the information requested, you are welcome to go on-line to one of five websites: www.marketwatch.com, www.bloomberg.com, www.ft.com,
Google finance, or www.cnn.com. The assignment below is written for information in the Wall Street Journal, but you are welcome to substitute any of the websites listed above. This will require some creativity on your part in finding the information, particularly if you don’t use the WSJ. Finally avoid purchasing a weekend edition of a financial newspaper. If you are especially interested in international markets, you are welcome to use a foreign financial website.
1. What is the prime rate, the Federal funds rate, the Treasury bill rate, Fannie May and LIBOR rates? Provide data on the slope of the yield curve. You can just cut and paste.
2. Find an article on international markets, such as “Currency Trading” or “World Stock Markets.” Provide a brief description of the content of the
3. Find the “Currencies” table with foreign exchange rates, select an exchange rate, and describe the information provided about that currency.
4. Find the page “Stocks in the News.” There are several columns on this page, such as “options report” or “large stock focus.” Choose one column
and provide a brief summary of the information.
5. Prices for financial futures contracts are published in the Commodities section under the interest rate heading of the futures prices columns. Find and report the price of a futures contract, providing other relevant information on the terms of the contract. Describe the contents of the
”Commodities Report” column.
6. Typically the last page of this section is a column “Heard on the Street.” Provide a brief summary of the content of that column.

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