• April 27th, 2016

e-commerce web based application

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Your task is to create an eCommerce web based application. It can sell any products and or services you wish.

Users must be able to select an item and add them to a shopping cart and proceed to a checkout where they can review purchases and proceed.

The users should be able to add/remove items at this stage. The site should contain registration and login functionality. Users of the site can only purchase items once they have logged in.

The website will contain two separate roles.

1) Standard users, These can register, login and purchase items –

The login control must be developed as a user control, the cart must be developed as a user control

2) Admin users, These can manage users, update content detail such as item images, prices, title and description.

The website needs at least 2 master pages one for standard users and one for admin users that look very different with different user controls.

The website will be an eCommerce application that talks to a database although it does not need to complete a purchase.

This project must be written in c# and backed by a mssql database.

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