• March 6th, 2016

Dream, Journey, Identity

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The films examine dramas of love, fantasy, journey, and self-discovery in Hong Kong cinema. Characters in these films seem to harbor a big dream: a “Hong Kong dream,” a “California dream,” or a “New York dream.” With the passage of time, they attempt to create new identities for themselves: be a different person, go to a new place, enter a relationship, or feel nostalgic for the past. Discuss the ways in which these characters change, pursue dreams, cherish old relationships, or search for new identities.
In your analysis, you should refer to three films by different directors. Please also briefly comment on the stylistic features of each of the directors.
Full Moon in New York (Dir. Stanley Kwan, 1989)
Comrades, Almost a Lover Story (Dir. Peter Chan, 1997)
Durian Durian (Dir. Fruit Chan, 2001)

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