• April 7th, 2016

Drawing on empirical evidence from up to 2 countries discuss what have been the most significant obstacles to successful development interventions and how might these be overcome?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Internet sources should be kept to max. of 2-3. They are considered as grey sources. Sources should be academic. Some sources such as the World Bank and IMF are acceptable, but not NGOs.

As you can see the essay topic asks for up to two countries, which means that it can be one country if need be. I would like one of the countries to be Bangladesh and one other developing country. Or if it’s just one country, then Bangladesh would be the country of choice.

The criteria for successful development intervention could be the Millennium Development Goals for example. In the case of Bangladesh for example, one of the most significant obstacles could be climate change. Plus some other obstacles like governance issues for example.

The essay should be maximum of 5,000 words including references.

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