• April 21st, 2016

Doing Business In China

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Choose one topic from 5 topics in the assignment brief up to you.
Must be designed to assess the following learning outcomes:
1. Understand the context of doing business in China, e.g., political, economic, cultural and social perspectives
2. Evaluate the up-to-date context regarding doing business in China, e.g., impacts of the Chinese Guanxi culture on business
3. Identify business potentials based on an empirical and critical analysis of the business context, being aware of both strengths and weaknesses, and of both challenges and opportunities

This assignment requires you to write a 2,000 word original essay by choosing ONE among the following five topics
1. China’s trend for development and business potentials in XXX industry/sector (choosing one industry or sector, e.g., automobile industry, IT industry, hospitality industry, education industry, financial industry or energy/ low carbon industry)
2. Market entry strategies and practices for MNCs in China: case studies of XXX (company/companies)
3. Analysis of Impact of Guanxi strategy on doing business in China
4. Evaluation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in China: Practices and performances
5. Evaluation China’s Outbound Direct Investment (ODI): Practices and performances

PPT notes must be included in the essay and follow by the assignment brief and marking theme.

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