• April 21st, 2016

Documented Literacy Analysis

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

You will analyze one or analytically compare two of the short stories (or poems or plays) discussed in class, formulate a thesis statement, and support your own argument about the selections with research. A proposal (due S 4/10) will contain your topic or thesis, an outline of your supports, your research topics, keywords, and where you propose to find appropriate sources, and a list of at least five sources covering all required types (biography, context, and literary criticism; books and journal articles) in MLA format. You need to cite at least five scholarly sources, which should include both books and journal articles, and may include one quality Internet source, in addition to the story, poem, or play. You must cite some contextual information (history, etc.), a biographical source on the author(s), and a piece of literary criticism for each story; the other items are your choice. The essay must be formal, use an MLA-format works cited page and parenthetical citations, use at least four library (not free Internet) sources for a total of five sources, and be 5-7 pages (1400-1900 words, minimum) in length. A graded draft (due S 4/17) will check your progress.

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