• October 5th, 2017

Diversity: personal views and experience

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a) How would you describe yourself in terms of diversity? For example, what characteristics make you different from others? Consider your classmates’ responses and discuss the similarities and differences. b) Define hidden dimensions of diversity. Which dimensions do you try to keep hidden from most people? Why? c) What are some of the various components of diversity you see with members of your family? How do you feel about those components? d) List one or two of your own superficial characteristics. Have you been judged based on these characteristics? If so, how? e) In what ways have you judged people based upon their superficial characteristics? How did they respond to your judgment? List one or two ways you can avoid making these judgments in future interactions. f) How are dimensions of diversity constantly changing? Provide at least two examples. Be sure to consider the situation and with whom you are interacting.


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