Dissertation Format

Title Page


A good title gives an opportunity to the potential reader to understand what the research is all about. A title should be concise, clear, specific and representing of the research done. Title page often has a format and so one should understand what it entails.




Abstract is the shortest portion of your dissertation but it is very vital hence one should be careful when writing this section. An abstract is a brief summary of the research. This should be able to be on its own showing the reason and how one did, and the results suggestions are. It should be one page long though there are no words limits. However, the abstract is a vital component of the dissertation hence will be documented alone if thesis is registered online. Examiners will however, assess your abstract as part of your dissertation and as a possibly sole document.


The best way to write an abstract is write it after writing everything, because you will be sure of your summary. On the other hand, one can write an abstract first so as to assist identifying the critical main points of your research, its reason, and its findings which can then assist to guide the structure of the entire thesis or dissertation.





In acknowledgements, one has a chance to mention all people who have been helpful during the research. Through reading different acknowledgements from other dissertations in your area, you will be able to know how different people assisted and how they were appreciated and mentioned.


Contents, and Figure and Table Lists


In the content page, you should show the structure of the thesis. If there is any imbalance in space dedicated to different parts of the content, it will become apparent. This helps in checking whether amalgamation of sections or creation of further sections or sub-sections is required.




Introduction is the first piece of writing every reader comes to, it is good to leave its preparation to last as, until them, you will be very sure of what you intend to introduce. There are two functions of introduction:


  • To increase the material summarized in the abstract.

  • To indicate the content of the other part of the dissertation


The Literature Review or Context of the Study


The main reason of this chapter is to designate that you are fully aware of where your own piece of research fits in the entire context of research in your area. In order to do this, you have to:


  • Define the modern state of research in your distinct field;

  • Indicate whether there are any nearly related fields which you need to refer to;

  • Show a gap where you argue that more research is required;

  • Give explanation on how you are planning to attend to that specific research gap;


In relation to the research context, there are other relevant contexts to present:


  • Theoretical context

  • Methodological context

  • Practice context

  • Political context.


It is very complex to identify the best order for this part in this chapter since the rationale for your choice of particular research question can be difficult hence there may be many inter-linked reasons why the research is required. It is important to take time to establish a reasonable framework since this will assist to persuade the tutors or instructors of the relevance of your research, and you understand its significance. Also, it offers you with a structure to refer back to in your discussion charter, when you reflect on the range to which your research has attained its goals.


Chapter Describing Methods, Sources, Material Etc


In this chapter, one should give an open description on how the research was conducted. If there were specific equipment, materials, or procedures, you are required to vividly and briefly describe how you used them. One should give a well detailed account of this so as the other researchers can understand and imitate your study.


Results / Findings


It is vital to check on the format of reporting is desired in your area. For instance scientific thesis would wish to have very vivid separation between the results and the discussion of those results different from social science dissertation which may have an overall chapter known as findings, combining the results and their discussion together.


It is important to decide about the style of your presentation, for instance;


  • If you want to start with an initial impression of the results, then detail, or you start into the detail of the results;

  • Order in which you will present the detailed results;

  • Balance in terms of word space you wish to attain across the spread of results that you have.




In discussion section, one is supposed to review own research in relation to entire context in which it is located. One can decide to the rationale you gave for your research in the literature review, discuss personal research which has been added in the context. It is vital to show that you appreciated the restrictions of your research, and how this may affect the validity of your findings. Having given the acknowledged restrictions, one can report on the implications of the findings for theory, research and practice.




Conclusions should be shorter than the discussion. This is not just summary of your research, but requires being categorical as the key points that have come up and what they mean for your area.




References should be well framed and requires including all of your references in the expected referencing style. However, as you rewrite and edit your dissertation, you are likely to gain or lose references that you had in earlier versions. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that all the references in your reference list are correctly referenced within the text, and that all the references that are in the text appear in the reference list.




Appendices have word limit and therefore one is supposed to check whether or not the appendices count within the words required for dissertation. Items considered to be useful in the appendices should be included so as the reader can see but should be avoided since it can take a lot of space hence disrupting the flow within the text. Also ensure that appendices are referenced within the main text where necessary.



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