• April 27th, 2016

Disney Business Strategy

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Company is “Disney” (I will add 1 article that could help)

Your task is to analyse the success or failure of the chosen firm in its international expansion drawing upon the strategy tripod (Peng, 213) which comprises of industry based competition, firm-specific resources and capabilities, and institutional conditions and transitions. Please note that you cannot work on companies that we will have discussed in class or are in the textbook. Your analysis must seek to address the following questions:

(a) What influenced the decision to internationalize? Was it a proactive or a reactive strategy?

(b) How well positioned was the firm to internationalize at this point in time?

(c) How significant was the institutional distance that the firm was confronted with?

(d) What impediments, if any, did the firm encounter in its internationalization efforts? How did it seek to overcome them?

(e) How can the strategy tripod help explain the success or failure of a firm’s internationalization strategy?

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