• October 3rd, 2017

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• Define extensive problem solving, limited problem solving, and routinized response behavior. What are the differences among the three decision-making approaches? What type of decision process would you expect most consumers to follow in their first purchase of a new product or brand in each of the following areas: (a) chewing gum, (b) sugar, (c) men’s aftershave lotion, (d) carpeting, (e) paper towels, (f) a smart phone, and (g) a luxury car? Explain your answers.

• For this DQ, let’s define marketing strategy as the target market + positioning & differentiation + the 4 P’s.
For example, if I chose Amazon and Place/Distribution Channel as the marketing strategy element, I’d reflect that consumer behavior regarding accessing ecommerce on mobile devices impacts Amazon, so the company would want to know, where, when, why and from what kinds of devices its customers access their web site. I won’t finish my answer – maybe someone else would like to.

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