• April 10th, 2016

Discussion: Educational Change Management

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

* Task: Discuss why and how education is evolving and dynamic. You may choose to identify a specific setting to discuss this. In your response consider what influences educational change. You may like to consider external factors such as political, economical and globilisation and internal factors such as resources and culture.
Then discuss the implications of effective change management for educational leaders.

*Assessment Criteria:
1. Discussion is relevant to topic and shows deep understanding
of field
2. Logical and cohesive arguments have been developed and
3. Supporting literature is used to support arguments
4. Writing is clear and fluent
5. Referencing style is accurate

*Assessment 1 Ideas:
^ Consider readings and topics
^ Read up on change management and process
^ Consider both internal and external influences
^ Draft first- Identify your main ideas, decide on paragraph structure (topics for each paragraph, include context information if writing from own experiences)
^ Read widely

If you Currently working in education then Use own context to identify influences and implications
And If you Not working in an educational setting then Use general knowledge about system to identify influences and implications

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