• January 10th, 2017


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1. Discuss how technology and the emerging role of digital and social media are impacting the role of brand managers. What can companies do to train brand managers so they can keep up with the changes occurring in digital and social media?

2. Pick a brand, any brand. How do their commercials, language, website, new look, etc. worked to support the new brand image? What, if anything, continues to work against your chosen brand?

3. What is market segmentation and why is it important? What characteristics do we use to describe segments, and what criteria do we use to assess the attractiveness of a segment?

4. Clearly, when a celebrity becomes a brand, he or she has a certain following. How does a celebrity’s particular followers serve as an example of market segmentation? What about products? How can we segment them? Let’s use cars for example. What segments exist in the automobile market?

5. (see attachment for this. What did this assessment classify your communication style as? Which area(s) do you agree with and which do you feel the assessment was incorrect about? Did anything in particular stand out to you from the assessment?

6. Consider the communication style of a class colleague who’s details and style differ from yours. What are two or three of the clues you can use to determine what his or her style is if you didn’t know upfront? What are some ways you need to adapt your communication style to ensure the dialogue goes well?

7. In what areas does a professional sales person need to create expertise? How do each of these areas relate to building trust and relationships?

8. What resources are available to professional salespeople that help build expertise?

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