• April 19th, 2016

Discussion 7

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Part 1: As you move throughout the course, your theoretical knowledge of customer service will grow and can be combined with the practical customer service situations you have experienced. For this post, please state your personal customer service philosophy and the reasoning behind it. Be sure to include details and specific examples that support your position. Use the following questions to determine your personal customer service philosophy.

How do you define customer service?
What do you believe customer service should be?

Part 2: Respond to this peer (Megan): In my line of work you look at the Spa business it is a luxury type business. People are leaving there with happiness and are hoping to leave with something of value. Customers are paying for value and happiness. It goes the same as with Publix- Where shopping is a pleasure. Grocery shopping is something people see as a hassle and with publix they make it that much easier for guests to enjoy. Looking at that my motto/philosophy it would have to be “Creating an experience, creates a feeling- which builds a business.” The customer service you give is an example of how much an experience can mean to someone. This in return creates a feeling either of happiness, not satisfied, etc. What you give and create only builds a business to what it will be. As a customer service worker now in my line of business we find that the guests that come to the spa are looking for that over the top experience and that luxury experience that creates a feeling of relaxation and catering to the guest. This will allow the guest to return which in return gives you a profitable business. The importance behind hiring the people that will give you that customer service you need is so vital to a business and will only allow the business to grow in the direction its customer service is based upon.

Part 3: Respond to this peer (Ron): My philosophy for customer service is that if the customer is not happy, the business is not happy. My reasoning is simple. The customers are the end users; they are the ones who give the money to the company. A company is only as good as its customers will let it be. I think about Chick-fil-A when I think of good customer service. I knew an owner of a Chick-fil-A in the Orlando area. I will never forget his hiring process. He said all those applying for a job must go through four interviews; the last one is with him. He then takes them out to the front counter and ask the potential employee where the money comes from. Most say the cash register or something like that. He corrects them and points to the customers in front of the cash registers. He emphasizes that if the customer is satisfied and feels special, they will gladly pay the higher price for chicken and they will want to return. When I travel up and down the coast, I usually stop at a Chick-fil-A to eat and they are always very busy, no matter what time of the day it is, meaning they are doing something right. So, that is how I think customer service should be.

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