• July 31st, 2015


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Network Troubleshooting

WikiHow.com is a good site to get answers to many questions, incoming some computer and networking related questions.

The way it works is that people will post their problems and other users would try to help them by troubleshooting the problems.

Now, do this:

Go to wikihow.com
Click on “help us”
Click on “answer a request”
Click on ” computers & electronics”
Find a topic related to networking, preferably something that you have learned in this class.

Post the question here along with your proposed solution.

Your Dream Network

Now that you have learned about networking in this class, let’s design your dream network for your home computers and/or network devices (TIVO, iPad, Networked Blu-ray Player, XBox, PS3, Wii, etc).

First, describe what you would have on your network (computers and other network devices). Describe any specific needs that any one of those devices will have (for example, “iPad will require Wifi network”). Describe your specific network requirements.

What topology would you use?

What network media will you use?

What network equipment will you buy to set everything up? Find the equipment and price on a major online retailer (amazon, newegg, bestbuy, etc).

How confident are you that you will be able to set this up? 

Future of Networking

What do you think about the future of networking?

What new devices or technologies in this field that we will see 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years in the future? 

What would you like to see in the future, in this field?

Finding a Job in the Networking Field

Some a job posting for an entry-level Networking-related position. Provide the link here. How do you think your learning in this class prepare you for that position? What area(s) that you still need to work on to qualify for that position?

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