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Make sure Zero Plagiarism- Sunbeam Corporation made headlines in the late 1990’s and early 2000 for accounting manipulation and fraud. After a disappointing set of results in Year 5 the company embarked on a restructuring plan in year 6 to improve the performance of the company. The following links provide background information on the case:
Using information in Question 6:22 and Exhibit 6.21 in Chapter 9 of the textbook (Wahlen et al 8th edition: p.418) discuss the following
• Using information provided and the statement of cash flows for Year 5 in Exhibit 6.21, discuss any signals before the turnaround effort that sunbeam was experiencing operating difficulties and was in need of restructuring.
• Using information in the statement of cash flows for Year 6, discuss indicators of the turnaround efforts and any relations between cash flows that trouble you
• Using information in the statement of cash flows for Year 7, discuss any signals that the firm might have engaged in aggressive revenue recognition and had not yet fixed its general operating problems
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