• April 25th, 2016

Discuss the ways in which Nassers era represents-or not- the height of Pan Arabism? Answer by focusing on the themes of Nassers foreign policy, Arab socialism and ideas of Arab unity? What was its legacy?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1.Each essay should be no more than three double spaced typed pages (Times New Roman, 12-font size with 1″ margins) in length. (Six pages in total)
2.The absolute deadline for submission of the final exam is 2:50 pm on April 27. (last day of the class)
3.You will hand the hard copy of your exams in the class.
4.As these are take-home examinations, there will be no exemptions and should you not complete the examination by the due date, you will not be afforded the opportunity to take a make-up examination. However, brief extensions may be available if you can provide a legitimate excuse (e.g., hospitalization and severe illness verified by a medical doctor).
5.No collaboration is allowed on the take home exam. Any evidence of collaboration will lead to a failing grade.
6.When directly quoting or paraphrasing from a book, article or lecture, give a full reference at the bottom of the page.
7. You should support your argument with specific examples from the text. There should be clear relevance of argument to the question asked.

Read the question carefully and make sure you answer all the parts.

the text is The modern middle east by James l. gelvin fourth edition.
The narrative of your essay should be structured around an argument. It should be based on both primary and secondary sources.
clear thesis.

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