• March 8th, 2016

Discuss the roles of federal and state governments in health policy

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This is the course book in use: Health Policymaking in the United States (Sixth edition)
Please provide course work for the two topics below. Look at attached page provided.

a. Chapter 2: P. 80 (choose one of the 1-5 questions–just pick one).
• I encourage you to put the text aside while you are drafting your response, so it captures your unique perspective (and uses your own words).
• For full points include at least one example (one that is not included in the text).
• Your responses for Part I (a) should be a minimum 2 paragraphs in length.

b. Chapter 3 P. 100 question #2 (Everyone respond to this)
• Please close the text and describe the overall model as if you are teaching it to a 6th grader. Think of an interesting way to explain the model, and keep it SUPER simple!


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