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Disco week 7 change

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Effective leadership in higher education requires the support of key stakeholders. Support needs to be solid to enact real change and support does not come unless a leader can effectively convince that a change is really needed. Buller states “Your argument for change is far more effective when you can demonstrate that change is needed rather than merely desired” (p.71).

For this paper, you engage in a debate similar to the practice of academic policy debate to argue for or against a proposed change in higher education.

Proposed Change: Raising the Cost of Education


Review required reading from this module, specifically, the section “The Central Role of the Needs Case in Change Leadership” (pp. 71–78).
Explain how the proposed change will solve a significant problem.
Use the stock issues format presented in the Buller text (p. 72). Provide a statement for Harm, Inherency, Solvency, and Disadvantages to communicate to your opponent why change is necessary.
What are the emotional considerations of this change topic and how can a leader manage emotions within the institution.

Buller, J. L. (2015). Change leadership in higher education: A practical guide to academic transformation. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Chapter 3, “Determining The Need For Change” (pp. 55–80)
In addition to the required reading, students are responsible for researching and selecting scholarly journal resources on the rising costs of education and community reaction.
Laureate Education (Producer). (2015). Rising costs of education [Multimeda file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

Grand City Community

Click on the link to go into the Grand City Community and go to Grand City University, Administration Officeto view the “Rising Costs of Education” media.

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