• April 20th, 2016

Digital Investigation Plan of Action

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Task 1 (4Pages)

  1. Describe your plan for conducting your investigation. (30 points). Some of the items you will want to cover include (not all inclusive):
  2. What AMS corporate assets you will review
  3. The tools that you will need
  4. The way that you will conduct your review of each asset
  5. History – how far back will you need to go in your review and how will you determine this
  6. Verification – how will you verify your findings


Task 2

Project Plan (Pages 3)

  1. a) The steps and dependencies in your investigation
  2. b) Time estimate for each task
  3. c) Potential risks and challenges to the investigation and how they should be handled.


Task 3 (2 pages)

Determine how you will determine who is involved (15 points).

  1. People within AMS.
  2. People external to AMS.
  3. Methods employed to conduct skimming operation.
  4. Other considerations.

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