• April 13th, 2016


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Suppose one day you acquired the supernatural power to take a poor, undemocratic, unequal country, and instantaneously make it wealthy (with a reasonably high GDP/capita), democratic, or very equal (with a low Gini coefficient). You can only choose one of these three potential transformations, and you have benevolent goals (i.e., you want the best for the people of this imaginary country). Which of the three transformations would you choose, and why? Address how the transformation you impose in one area may have ramifications for the others. You should provide evidence for your argument, such as using the history and/or circumstances of one or more real countries though the country on which you focus must be imaginary. Be sure to refer to the arguments and readings we consider in the module whether you make reference to others as well is up to you. Above all, your essay should demonstrate your understanding of the arguments we have been considering about the relationships among development, democracy, and equality.

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