• April 9th, 2016

Development Control

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A planning application is being submitted for expansion of the Bristol Business Park located adjacent to the University of the West of England Frenchay Campus. The extension to the business park will have a floor area of 30,000 square metres and will be built on land currently being used by UWE as car park 20 (note – this is a hypothetical development). The business park will be used as offices.

You are required to conduct a Transport Assessment to examine whether the transport network can accommodate the additional travel demand generated by the business park.
You will undertake the following tasks:
• Conduct an assessment of existing transport provision around the site. This includes:
• Describing the local road network;
• Summarising current levels of Public Transport provision;
• Describing existing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists; and
• Identifying recent collision rates in the area.
• Calculate the maximum number of parking spaces (for cycles, disabled people and general parking) allowable at the extended business park. You will use parking guidelines for new developments set out by the local authority (available on blackboard).
• Derive an estimate of the number of new trips generated by the business park development in the morning peak period using TRICs (a user name and password is available on blackboard).
• Examine the impact of the additional trips on the UWE roundabout:
• Use the roundabout geometry and JUNCTIONS model prepared during coursework assignment 1.
• Baseline traffic counts for the ‘before development’ scenario are provided separately on blackboard.

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