• April 1st, 2016

Develop and write a research proposal.

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1)The topic “obesity in Australia” is broad. Probably a subtopic for instance childhood obesity etc 2)The INTRODUCTION should be short and precise to the topic. it should not contain any in-text/references. Yourone was 300+ words 3)The Research Problem and the Research Question. i need to form a research question. 4)Review the Research Literature Exploring the relevant research literature can help to: ∗ Identify a research problem ∗ Find out what is known and not known about a topic area ∗ Determine the need to replicate a prior study in a different setting or with a different study population ∗ Identify suitable designs and data collection methods for a study. SHE IS MORE CONCERNED OF WHAT THE LITERATURE SAYS ABOUT THE TOPIC eg A CASE STUDY 5)Select a Research Design & appropriate Methods -One distinction to make is whether to use a qualitative or quantitative design IS IT A QUALITATIVE OR QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH. 6)Ethical issues should be included in the proposal -consent -confidentiality -anonymity -privacy Steps in the Research Process -Define the problem -Review the research literature -Identify aims/objectives/research questions -Select a research design -Plan the procedure -Collect the data -Analyse the data and interpret the results

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