• April 18th, 2016

Design & Development of an Instructional Design

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

-This task required you to apply your knowledge and understanding of the principles of instructional design to prepare a sequence of teaching and learning materials in the form of a poster (displayable A1 size).
-This sequence comprises 5-6 steps.
-You need to ensure that appropriate ICTs are incorporated into your design or, used as a delivery mode, and to design appropriate assessment items that link to learning outcomes and content.
-You are expected to demonstrate that the materials you develop are appropriate and relevant to your specific context and learners.
-Some of the images you use could be those you have produced yourself. If in doubt, please discuss with your tutor.
-You are permitted to use images from other sources in your assignment however you must reference these files. Where possible I would encourage you to use your own photos/images. Just a reminder, try to ensure all the images you use are of the highest resolution so as to ensure good print quality for your poster.
-You will submit a poster and a written report.

***The Poster should:
-Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the principles of instructional design (e.g. multimedia learning principles, pebble-in-the-pond design approaches, types of processing, feedback types) to present a concept, idea, skill or understanding (20 marks)
-Make appropriate use ICTs such as the integration of text & graphics, the use of a suitable poster template, video, animation or augmented reality (5 marks)
-Communicate effectively using text and graphics (5 marks)

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