• May 8th, 2015

Design Analysis

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements




I will upload two files:
1- file ( Mechanical Toy Project) this is our project and it show the place you should do the work of (Design Analysis) Part, you can do by your hand then scanned clearly 

2- file (Design Analysis) this is other group work, this is just to show you the idea if what I want from you, NO COPYING because their project is different and all analysis are different, try to dod similar to them

this is what you need to do:
o Briefly describe how motion is transferred from links to links (the input motion is
a rotational motion)
o Include a drawing of the design with dimensions (hand drawing is acceptable).
Perform a velocity analysis and an acceleration analysis of the final design for a
specific given input velocity – angular velocity of the input crank (consider this to
be constant). You may use either the graphical approach or the analytic approach. 
Hand written work is acceptable, and can be scanned and attached, as long as
everything is well organized and neat.



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